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When 5G meets 8K, Leyard China Screen makes the world clearer
Release time:31/12/2020 By:Admin

On August 31st, 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup was kicked off in Beijing. In the stadium, the world’s first "5G+8K" OB van designed and made by China was used for trial broadcasting, which realized the first demonstration

application of China’s "5G+8K" technology in major international events. Outside the stadium, hundreds of fans watched live 8K TV signals transmitted via 5G in real time through a large ultra-high definition LED screen.  

The 8K ultra HD LED display with an area of over 200 square meters is exactly the fine-pitch LED display provided by Leyard. While watching the game live, many viewers said, “the live broadcast signal is smooth, the screen quality is clear, and the detailed expressions on the athletes’ faces can be seen clearly, which make people immerse in it and feel the most realistic match. ” 

According to information, the demonstration application of "5G+8K" technology is led by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, together with relevant departments and units such as Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology, Municipal Bureau of Sports, Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Communications Administration, District People’s Government of Haidian Beijing and Leyard Group. It took 70 days to realize system-wide interconnection, which not only guaranteed the demonstration application of "5G+8K" technology in the live broadcast of sports events, but also tested the important breakthrough of 8K display terminal technology in the field of sports events.  


"5G+8K" has entered China Time

In March 2019,Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China, National Radio and Television Administration, China Media Group issued the "Action Plan for the Development of Ultra-High Definition Video Industry (2019-2022)", which clearly proposed to vigorously promote the development of ultra-high definition video industry and the application of related fields, strengthen the innovation of 4K/8K display panel and form the 

industrialization ability of 8K front-end core equipment in accordance with the overall technical line of "4K first, with 8K".  

With the introduction of various favorable policies, the combination of "5G + 8K" has become the most anticipated application in the 5G era. It is gratifying that China, as the world’s largest LED research and development, production and application market, has the advantages of the whole industry chain from chips, packaging, to display applications, and 8K display technology of China is leading in the world. At the same time, many core technologies of 5G are actually in the hands of Chinese enterprises, and take the lead in pilot projects in China, which is very beneficial to the grafting of 5G and 8K and other technologies, and can greatly promote the evolution of domestic LED display industry. 

Based on experience, advancing the rapid evolution of any industry requires two parallel forces, namely, technological advancement and renewal of ideas. It is not difficult to find that in the wave of consumer upgrading, Chinese consumers are more sensitive to new things than other places, who have a greater impetus to the popularization of 8K in the future. Therefore, technology or concept, China has provided the most sufficient space and conditions for the development of 8K display technology. 

Why 8K? 

From the demand side, 5G and 8K can truly “"achieve each other". On the one hand, the rapid increase in video content capacity has a high dependence on high-speed transmission, and 5G has solidified the foundation of large-scale 8K applications; on the other hand, 8K UHD video also makes up for the lack of 5G application scenarios, which forms a complementary relationship with the communications industry. 


Therefore, when 5G meets 8K, sparks between them instantly ignite the enthusiasm of the entire industrial chain. The maturity of 5G technology and its commercial application promote the upstream and downstream of 8K video content production, coding and decoding, network transmission, display terminal and other industries to advance side by side. 

As an important part of 8K industry chain, in terms of 8K terminal products, what excited the industry insiders is that Leyard took the lead in introducing P0.6 spacing on InfoComm this year and used the micro-spacing LED display (resolution from 4K to 8K) of the original Microsoft LED display technology, which showed the public the more mature possibility and future of current Micro LED technology in 8K products. 


New industries driven by new technology shall put hardware at the first place. It is a trend to push the industry forward with mature layout of the hardware, content and applications. When a group of industry leaders, such as Leyard, push the 8K industry to land, the application scenarios that achieve HD requirements are no longer remote. It can be predicted that, with the continuous improvement of the upstream and downstream ecological chain, the ultra-high definition LED display industry will usher in an explosive period in the next few years. On the one hand, at the software level, advances in storage, coding and decoding technologies will greatly reduce the volume of 8K video content data; on the other hand, with the continuous updating and iteration of technology, the cost of hardware devices such as cameras, micro-spacing LED displays will gradually become more affordable, which will drive the generation of more 8K content. Especially, the gradual popularization of 5G network will not only remove the barrier of bandwidth for 8K video to enter ordinary families, but also create more 8K application scenarios.


8K Application Scenario: From Quantitative Change to Qualitative ChangeCompared with 4K, 8K is not just a simple matter of increasing the pixel size by four times and making the image size bigger. From 4K to 8K, it is the continuous expansion of application scenarios that behind more information density carrying capacity and more detail presenting force. This is the real value of 8K, and what audiences get is not just the simple video viewing experience of larger pictures. 

Nowadays, the integration development of "5G+8K" has entered the strategic window period of industrial development. Sports events are a powerful factor in promoting the development of the 8K industry. To welcome the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan’s NHK has launched 4K/8K television broadcasting. Meanwhile, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games has also become an important driving force for the development of 8K ultra-high definition industry in 


Secondly, the field of film and television entertainment should be one of the fields where 8K is firstly used commercially. What 8K brings is not only more details, but also more shocking visual impact. Like the early 8K version of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the picture has a strong sense of depth and reality, which makes the audience immerse in it, liking being there. In addition, the emergence of 8K will bring a better user experience for the film giant screen. Therefore, the use of the latest shooting technology and applications in the film market is also the future direction of development. 

In addition, in the field of telemedicine where "the higher the resolution, the better; the lower the delay, the better", the value of 5G+8K not only lies on clearer images and richer details. Its greater value lies in the cost savings, which drive the overall upgrading of intelligent medical equipment. All in all, The development of 8K industry has revolutionary impact on sports events, radio and television, film and television entertainment, telemedicine and other fields and life scenes.  

At present, Leyard’s 8K ultra-high definition LED display products and VR technology have been widely used in radio and television, film and television entertainment, sports and other fields. At just finished BIRTV 2019 exhibition, Leyard has provided two ultra-high definition LED displays for the Guangdong Radio and Television Administration and Guangdong Radio and Television station, which became the focus of the whole scene once again. 

Both 8K UHD LED screens are TWS series of small-spacing products with P1.2 spacing provided by Leyard. TWS series of display products are the earliest HDR-certified LED display on the market. This product adopts the supersafe patented technology and the common cathode driving mode originally invented by Leyard. So that it can not only lower power consumption can, but also make the screen more waterproof, dust-proof and bump-proof. This is the first time for Supersafe Technology to appear in the small space leasing industry, which represents the most advanced level of 8K terminal display technology in China.

In recent years, a more obvious trend is taking place. That is, the time period of new technology, new application and new ecological development is greatly shortened.  Therefore, when 8K becomes a necessity from a trend, then it comes is not a silent way, but vigorous. 

In the face of the development of 8K technology and the change of business mode, Leyard has been ready for it. As a global leader, Leyard will integrate its technological and resource advantages it accumulated for 24 years with the 5G era and lead the industry to embrace the high-definition transformation of the LED display industry. By expanding more visual application scenarios, Leyard’s “China Screen” will bring a clearer and more realistic new “vision” to the