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What are the factors that affect the price of LCD?
Release time:28/12/2020 By:Admin
What are the factors that affect the price of LCD?

Nowadays, the use range of bar LCD is more extensive, and there are many kinds of bar LCD products in the market. Some products from different manufacturers have big price differences, which is a headache for consumers. They don’t know how to distinguish and select the LCD. Because each manufacturer in the production of bar LCD price positioning is different, quality requirements are also different, so, what are the factors that cause the bar LCD price difference? The following Xun Rui editor will briefly introduce it.

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1. Viewing angle of bar LCD
As far as the current LCD monitors are concerned, the viewing angles are symmetrical, but not necessarily up and down. The viewing angles of up and down are usually less than the viewing angles of left and right. Because the light source of backlight tube has certain directionality after refraction and reflection, it will produce color distortion when viewing beyond this range. Generally, the horizontal angle is the main parameter, and the larger the value is, the larger the visual angle is.

2. Brightness and contrast of bar LCD
Brightness is one of the important indexes to reflect the performance of LCD. The brightness of LCD is measured in square candlelight (CD / m2) or nits, and the brightness is generally between 100 and 130 nits. It should be noted that the data is not all about the performance of the product. A brighter product is not necessarily a better one. The key is whether the brightness is uniform, which can not be found in the product specifications. Whether the brightness is even or not is closely related to the number and configuration of light sources and reflectors. The brightness of the place far from the light source must be dark.

3. Response time and refresh frequency (i.e. scan frequency) of bar LCD
Response time is a specific indicator of LCD display, which refers to the speed of each pixel of LCD display responding to the input signal, and its unit is Ms. The smaller the response time is, the faster the pixel response is, and the longer the response time is, there will be serious display tailing phenomenon when displaying dynamic images (even mouse cursor). At present, the standard response time of LCD should be less than 30ms.

4. Pixel spacing of bar LCD
The number of pixels of LCD display is relatively fixed, so as long as the size and resolution are the same, the pixel spacing of all products should be the same. For example, the pixel spacing of a 15 inch LCD display with a resolution of 1024 × 768 is 0.297mm (some products are labeled as 0.30mm).