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What is the development trend of LED backlight?
Release time:30/12/2020 By:Admin
What is the development trend of LED backlight?

At present, in the development and application of TV, the corresponding display technology has initially achieved a more high-definition and delicate transformation. Under the current high-quality and reliable curved screen design, the unique display technology and the corresponding LED backlight system have attracted the attention of customers. At present, China’s unique LED backlight design caters to the LCD design and achieves more changes. The following is a specific introduction to the current development trend of LED backlight.

What is the development trend of LED backlight?
1. Focus on low power consumption and high quality

In the actual design process, based on the needs of today’s energy-saving technology and environmental protection, so that China’s current high-quality LED backlight to achieve more energy-saving and high-quality conversion. In the process of this design, energy saving and its quality has become a new concept advocated and pursued by people. Therefore, LED backlight is bound to cater to this design concept, improve the quality of design, make this LED backlight truly present lower energy consumption, and show better display effect in subsequent applications, so as to improve the display ability The quality of the design.

2. Focus on high saturation and contrast
As we all know, in the actual display process of display screen and other devices, the quality of the corresponding LED backlight directly affects the color saturation and the contrast of the picture, and the merchants with good LED backlight service present better functions and higher frame adjustment in the design of this product. In the future development, the delicate picture texture and unique picture display effect have become the focus of customers’ attention, so the LED backlight in the future design will inevitably improve the picture texture with high image quality and high contrast.